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SSN check $9.95

Find out if someone is using your or your child's identity

A credit report is not the best tool for discovering identity theft.

The first line of defense of professionals looking into identity theft is an SSN check. The kind that gives all the names being used with your SSN and their addresses.

This is not an SSN verification that tells who the SSN belongs to.You already know it belongs to you.

This shows all the names used with your SSN complete with addresses. It takes you right to the identity thieves front door. A credit report won't do that. It doesn't get any better than that.

Illegal aliens and people on the run want your SSN. This causes many more problems than any other form of identity theft.

Our SSN check covers many sources, including the credit bureaus, where someone could be using your identity.

Deadbeat parents, people with warrants and others will often use someone else's SSN. They will use their name but your SSN.

That's because they know people are found by SSN and usually not by name.

Credit reports won't show this.

Chances are great that your SSN is being used

In our business doing background investigations we find exactly fifty percent of all SSN'S are used by at least one other person.

Many times it's someone you know. Someone can steal your SSN while your in the shower or asleep. Now they are using your SSN when they don't want to use theirs for various reasons.

Identity thieves don't need to go through your trash

Identity thieves don't need to go through your trash, steal your mail or wallet to get your SSN. Many times they make it up. Here's a common example;

The first three digits of an SSN tells the state it originated in. It's easy for someone to find out the first three digits of the state they want to appear to be from. It's available on the internet for example.

Now they have the first three digits. They just make up the other six numbers. If that combination belongs to you or your child it's big trouble.

Identity thieves now use your or your child's SSN to rent an apartment, get electricity, water, cable television, a post office box, a job or assume your identity.

Since they usually use their own names and your or your child's social security number an SSN check can lead you right to their front door.

Or you may see an address on our report associated with your name and SSN that you don't recognize.

Most children have SSN'S now

A credit report won't show if someone is using your child's SSN.

After your child's SSN is used for many years by one or several people it is linked to criminal records, warrants and much more. This wouldn't be known until they entered the workforce and had a background check done. It would be difficult if not impossible to straighten out.

It's much cheaper than a credit report

It's cheaper and better than any other identity theft tool. Credit report companies charge $100 or more to keep a watch on your credit report. You must do all three credit bureaus or it does no-good. That's at least $300 a year and it only checks one source.

Find out before it's to late

Don't wait any longer to find out if someone is using your or your child's identity.

Your SSN check will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

Secure order form backed by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 128 bit encryption.

The price is $9.95

The information needed to run the search is: The persons name and SSN. ( Date of birth if known )

Approximate turnaround time 24 hours. The results will be emailed to you.

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