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Eviction Records search.

You can get into legal trouble with false eviction records. Don't take a chance on instant database searches. We send a researcher to the courthouse. It's the only safe, legal and accurate way to search for records of any kind but especially eviction records. We can search any county in the country.

It doesn't get more accurate than sending a researcher to the only source you know the records will be at. The courthouse.

The most accurate source

Courts seldom send their records to any databases. They don't have to if they don't want to.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act states that any source used to look for records that could cause harm to someone must be "complete and up-to-date." There is only one source that meets this definition. The courthouse. It's the only source that's updated daily.

This kind of lawsuit is quickly gaining popularity. Protect yourself.

A perfect credit score doesn't mean they are good tenants. Check for evictions but do it the safe and legal way.

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