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Free SSN Verification and Previous Address Search!

We Use The Only Accurate Source To Find Criminal Records - The Courthouse

"Instant" searches have been called "a bunch of nonsense" by the media in an article in the Chicago Tribune.

They took the names of 120 people just released from prison and ran them through the instant databases.

They missed 75 percent of the records.

That's because courts don't send their records to any databases most of the time. They don't have to.

"Detective" software being sold on some sites is nothing more than information from free public sites. Use google to get the same worthless info for free.

Another scam is websites offering a years free access to records for one low price. Since the courts charge an average of $16.50 per name to all of us to access their records you can see it would quickly add up to way more than the site charges for its membership. This proves they're a scam.

Avoid sites that don't list a real phone number, no 800 numbers only, and no real address listed.

Don't be foolish. Save money and do it right the first time.

We use the only accurate source for criminal records

When someone goes to court you know the records are at that courthouse but that court doesn't have to send their records to any database if they don't want to.

Many rural counties are still using ledger books. They couldn't send any records anywhere if they wanted to.

The Courthouse Is Called The Primary Source For Criminal Records

That's because it's the only source where you can be sure the records are stored at. It doesn't get more accurate than that.

With instant database searches you will always wonder if it was accurate or not. Save money and do it right the first time.

No one has direct computer access to the courthouses, including police. A researcher must be sent there. We can send a researcher to any courthouse in the country.

You Need A Public Records Research Expert

Our researchers have degrees in public records research. They know all the places to look for criminal records. It doesn't get more accurate than that.

Database (Instant) Searches Are Not Legal For Employment Purposes

Section 613 (2) of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) says "instant" searches (databases) are not "complete or up-to-date" and are not legal for employment purposes.

Database Searches Don't Protect You In Court

Database searches don't protect employers in court if something happens. Courthouse searches do protect you.

Database searches have been compared to throwing money on a bonfire.

Free SSN Check And Previous Address Search With Our Background Checks

This is critical. People use other names to hide criminal records. This shows all the names associated with that SSN if you provide the SSN. It also gives current and previous addresses. Also date-of-birth if listed.

We Have The Fastest Turnaround Time For A Real Background Check

Our statewide searches are emailed to you within 24 hours. Our county searches are emailed to you in approximately 24 to 48 hours.

Employers - call about discounts.

You don't have to be a member. No set up fees. Prices are per search.

Our Price Includes Everything. Period.

Some companies add on court fees and other charges to your credit card later making their price much higher.

Ask about our drug testing as low as $4.97 at your site.

All criminal record searches include the following;

  • Criminal records
  • Police records
  • Correction records
  • Sex offender records
  • Civil judgments
  • Bankruptcies
  • SSN verification (If SSN is given)
  • 30 year previous address search (if SSN is given)
  • Address verification (if SSN is given)
  • Aliases and maiden names (if SSN is given)
  • Death index ( if SSN is given)

We take Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Echecks.

Click on the name of the search of your choice below to order. Order now!


Our system goes directly to the courts and criminal records repositories where criminal records are kept. These are the same sources used by police and government. No one else has this privilege as we work within the court system. Most states include sex offender records. Results emailed to you within 24 hours.


A court researcher is sent to the courthouse in the county you pick. We can search any county in the country. This is the most accurate way to run a criminal records search. You must be sure of the date of birth and spelling of the name. Turnaround time is approximately 48 hours. Results are emailed.


This search includes the states offering a statewide search within a certain region. Most of these states also include sex offender records. Results are emailed to you within 24 hours.


Each state criminal records repository is searched along with their county courts where available. Results are emailed to you within 24 hours.




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